Introduction To Fire Doors Sydney

Although many of us do not require fire doors new regulations mean more households are finding that they are required to install them. If your home is either an apartment or a flat it is most likely that you will have these doors installed this is obviously to stop fires spreading from one home to another. This also applies to multi occupancy dwellings like student accommodation. Buildings with three or more levels have fire doors fitted to try to contain a fire to one room allowing the occupants a safe exit if they are unfortunate enough to encounter a fire. Many people like to extend their homes and one of the most popular extensions is a garage which is usually attached to the house. It can either be a single or double storey extension. If it is single then usually one fire door connecting to the house is fitted. In the case of a double storey extension the entire upper floor plus the adjoining one down stairs have to have these doors fitted in.fire doors sydney

To extend your home you do not always have to build outwards many people discover that their homes are blessed either with a large loft or cellar that have previously been used for storage. These areas can be converted into very useful living areas at a fraction of the cost of building an extension. One of the main criteria when converting these areas is to make sure that fire doors are fitted where required. It is not only domestic properties that have to adhere to fire regulations commercial properties such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, shops and schools also have to comply with them.

It has been known for people to remove fire doors from their homes without realising or understanding that this is illegal, which could also mean their insurance will become invalid and they risk putting the lives of their families or tenants at risk. The doors can come with different ratings; the most common ratings are 30 and 60 minute in domestic properties. It is the 30 minute door that is most often used domestically. However, it is not only the doors that need to be rated, the frames and brassware also play a major role as it is important to make sure that these all meet the requirements. The frames are also available in different time ratings these need to be fitted with an intumescent fire strip which helps prevent smoke and fire escaping from the room.

In the past many people did not like installing these doors as they spoilt the look of our homes and generally looked like a door found in a commercial building. There are now different designs available to match the range of standard internal doors and in many different woods such as oak, ash, pine etc. Glazed fire doors are also now available and can either be fitted in a single frame or as double doors. They generally cost more than the solid styles as they have to be fitted with fire resistant glass which is very expensive. If you have any doubts about your extensions or conversions and you are not sure if you should be fitting fire doors then it is always advisable to speak with your local fire officer who will only be too happy to help were they can.